New Okedo Head

20140405_083249I finished the okedo head five days ago, applied it three days ago, and put it to the test yesterday.

The skin is calf and when I stitched it over the ring, I didn’t put that much tension on it because I wasn’t confident that the skin would hold up. I just pulled all the slack out of the skin and was done with it. Besides, I’d get more tension out of the head when I put it on the body and tensioned one head against the other.

Kathy, the lady that originally made the head, used goat skins. The goat skins have make a wonderful warm “bau” sound, but they’re really delicate and don’t put up with very much pummeling at all. They might’ve even been treated some how because they were really white and really soft. The calf skin I used has a high “pang” sound.


After just a few-hour session of practice last Sunday, I examined the new head to see how it was holding up. (I was playing katsugi style, not mounted on a stand.) Some of the stitch holes had already begun to tear. We’ll see how long this one lasts. But the next head I do, I’m bumping up to cow skin.



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