Japanese snacks

やおきん キャベツ 太郎 (YAOKIN Cabbage Taro)

Savory little puffs. One bag easily goes down in a matter of minutes. They are a little smokey and sweet, almost like a BBQ flavor. I’m a repeat fan of this snack.

TAKUMA SHOKUHIN Tamagogani Meisaku (Roasted Crab ‘Meisaku’)

(meisaku = masterpiece?)
These are so yummy, one of my all time favorite Japanese snacks. They are whole crabs coated with a sugar – corn syrup glaze and sesame seeds and roasted. You can eat them whole, they’re like sweet crab-flavored chips.
These are so hard to find in Japanese stores. I couldn’t even find them in the Takuma Foods website catalog. The package doesn’t have the name of the product or manufacturer labeled anywhere. It says stuff like “Let’s Party!” … is not the name of the product. But a party indeed it is.

明治 ラッキースティック (MEIJI Lucky Stick Cappuccino)

M<eiji Lucky Stick is the competitor of GLICO's Pocky. Like Pocky, Meiji has a broad variety of these convenient little snacks, from savory to sweet.
This Cappuccino version is a breadstick covered in a thin coating of cappuccino-flavored chocolate. Very good, but not my favorite breadstick flavor.

NESTLE キットカット パンプキンルリン味 (KitKat Pumpkin Pudding flavor)

I love snack series; one base snack that has many versions and permutations. Japan has taken KitKat to a cult level, releasing a variety of flavors, some specific to select regions of Japan. For Halloween this year, Nestle released a “pumpin pudding” KitKat version. The pumpkin flavor is barely noticeable.
This bag contains 13 individually wrapped KitKat bars, each mini package has two short bars.


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