Japanese Snacks

I have a weakness for Japanese and Hawaiian snacks. Anytime friends or family go to Japan or Hawai’i, they ask me what kind of omiyage I want. “Don’t get me anything … just snacks,” is my response.

My friend just came back from a trip, not to Japan, but a shopping trip in LA. He came back with $450 worth of food alone (he’s got a three-person household).

He brought back some ラー油 (raayu, spicy oil seasoning), ふりかけ (furikake, rice seasoning), and Japanese snacks! The snacks were SANKOU Zeitaku Kakimochi, IWATSUKA Kuromame Senbei. and IWATSUKA Onihibi Shoyu-Aji.

SANKOU Zeitaku Kakimochi

Crackers with almonds and kuromame (black beans).

IWATSUKA Kuromame Senbei

Senbei with black beans.

IWATSUKA Onihibi Shoyu-Aji

Crouton-sized puffs. The packaging has fire on it. I thought it would be spicy, but I think the fire was supposed to illustrate the roasty flavor.

Senbei and kakimochi are the best combination of sweet, salty, and roastiness. I killed all three packeds of snacks in four days or so.

Bleh. I’m making myself hungry again.


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